Failure analysis

Troubleshooting and suggested solutions


Our problem-solving staff will map out the possible causes of a problem and propose technological changes that will help avoid the problem in the future. Knowing the reasons, our customers can avoid further losses.

The specialists of MÜKI LABOR Kft. have extensive experience and adequate equipment in exploring and eliminating the problems that occur during plastic processing, as well as the causes of defects in finished plastic products.

Our customers often contact us to ask for help in resolving their plastics problems.

Typical examples:

  • selection and availability of suitable materials for plastic products
  • determination of substance and composition
  • suitability of plastics for a given purpose
  • increase the efficiency of plastic processing
  • product testing
  • exploring and eliminating the causes of manufacturing defects
  • the product cracks, breaks, deforms
  • there are impurities in the product
  • the product (raw material) does not provide the guaranteed properties
  • aesthetic flaws arise
  • the plastic does not melt together
  • the product cannot perform its function for some reason
  • environmental protection, recycling
The following tests are mainly recommended:

DSC (scanning differential scanning calorimetry)

FT-IR (infrared spectroscopy)

MFI (flow index)

Determination of filler content

Stereo and polarization microscope examinations

Hardness tests