Tensile, Flexural properties

We measure different stress and strain properties with these tests: flexural stress, flexural strength, deflection, flexural strain and modulus.

During the bending tests we measure the deflection and the conventional deflection and examine the connection between stress/strain.


Our laboratory makes stress, strain measurements on INSTRON:

  • MSZ EN ISO 527-1
  • MSZ EN ISO 527-2
  • MSZ EN ISO 527-3
  • MSZ EN ISO 527-4
  • MSZ EN ISO 527-5

Tensile test for foams/cellular plastics:

  • MSZ ISO 1798 (for flexible plastics)
  • ISO 1926 (for rigid plastics)

Standards for bending tests:

  • MSZ EN ISO 178
  • MSZ EN ISO 178/A1
  • MSZ EN ISO 14125
  • MSZ EN ISO 14125/A1