Impact properties

We can define the Charpy and Izod impact resistance with the help of different hammers (0,5-5,5 J).  The toughness depends of the parameters of specimen, the quality of the specimen, notched or unnotched.

By the determination of impact resistance by the free-falling dart we can determine the energy, that harms the sheet (which is thinner than 1 mm) with the free-falling dart.


Impact strength (Charpy and Izod):

  • MSZ EN ISO 179-1
  • MSZ EN ISO 180
  • MSZ EN ISO 180 2000/A1
  • MSZ EN ISO 180:2000/A2

Impact resistance (Dynstat):

  • DIN 53435 (Not Accredited Measurement)

Impact resistance by the free-falling dart:

  • MSZ ISO 7765-1 A method