Ash- and glassfiber content


Determination of ash content:

Our laboratory can determine the ash content of plastic materials by three methods. Especially we use direct ignition: burning the organic compounds on high temperature to constant weight, we determine different materials’ ash content.

  • MSZ EN ISO 3451-1
  • MSZ EN ISO 3451-4

Determination of the textile-glass and mineral-filler content:

As we use it for the determination of ash content, we ignite the samples to constant of weight.

This method is applicable to the followings:

  • prepegs made from yarns, rovings, tapes of fabrics
  • SMC, BMC, and DMC moulding compounds
  • textile-glass-reinforced thermoplastic moulding materials and granules
  • filled or unfilled textile-glass laminates made with thermosetting or thermoplastic resins

This method is not applicable to the followings:

  • those containing reinforcements other than textile glass
  • those containing materials which do not completely burn off at the test temperature (e.g. based on silicone resin)
  • those containing mineral fillers which degrade at temperatures below the minimum calcination temperature.
  • MSZ EN ISO 1172